The pipes are callin’


The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band can trace its roots to the early 1950’s, when the Irish Guard originally came into existence as a bagpiper unit in the Band of the Fighting Irish. After it was determined that bagpipes do not perform well in the cold fall weather of South Bend, the bagpipes were abandoned and lay dormant at Notre Dame until Paul Harren, an avid bagpiper, decided to form a band in 1991. It slowly grew, and in the 2001 football season, the band marched for the first time. By mid season, they acquired old kilts through the generosity of the Irish Guard and the band began to build a drum line that played traditional bagpipe beats.

Today’s bagpipe band sports all new uniforms with kilts of their own, a full complement of drummers on snare, bass, and tenor, and a new place in the game day tradition. You can find the bagpipes around campus on football gamedays, 3 hours before kickoff in front of the dome. (or inside the dome)


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