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An excerpt from a new ANDnow 2-part feature on PEMCO, Notre Dame’s student-run musical company:

This season, Williams and Halloran programmed the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama, next to normal this past fall and invited conversation abnormal psychology, specifically bi-polar disorder. The team introduced new marketing strategies to appeal to the student body, including group rates for dorms to bring their sections and inviting Riley Weekend Scholars (prospective Notre Dame students) to enjoy the closing performance of How to Succeed (another, older Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama – 1962) as part of their spring weekend visit. One of those Riley Weekend Scholars seated next to me didn’t need my justification for this place. Her first experience in the historical Washington Hall resonated long after the final curtain call: ND’s got talent.

Nathan Williams, a senior theology major and active member of the Notre Dame Glee Club believes PEMCO fulfills a need on campus. “Kids who go to Notre Dame are high-achievers in a broad range of fields. Before college, they probably played varsity soccer and lacrosse, made All-State band on saxophone, ran a tutoring program from their garage, or all three.” As a producer, he helps lead a high-achieving group with various interests. Williams notes that not everybody who did musical theater in high school may want to major in theater or music, saying their academic interest may lie in engineering or psychology. “But they still have a passion to perform on stage,” he says. “PEMCO really offers a context for these artists to create and to lead, no matter what you are studying.”


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