OperaND: Dialogues

Join OperaND as they perform Francis Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites.

It’s Paris, April 1789, and the French Revolution is starting to really take off. Rationalism and reason were the revolutionary ideas seeking to destroy the power of the Church and Christian ideals that dominated France for nearly hundreds of years. We meet the Marquis de la Force, who speaks with his son, the Chevalier, about his daughter, Blanche. She is seized by a great fear of life, and with the pressures of the revolution, she confesses to her family that she wishes to become a Carmelite nun. Blanche is accepted into the order, but the revolutionaries threaten to destroy the convent if the order will not disband. As the opera unfolds, the nuns are faced with truly life-threatening choices: Do they stay together or flee? Do they guard their faith and their vows as Carmelite nuns? Do they separate and disguise themselves in the masses of people of the revolution? This opera is dramatic, intricate, haunting, beautiful, and has what some would argue is the most tragic ending in all of opera.

OperaND will be performing April 25, 26, 27, and 28. April 25-27 are evening performances, and the 28th is a Sunday matinee. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Debartolo Performing Arts Center at 574-631-2800, or by ordering online at http://performingarts.nd.edu/calendar/view.aspx?id=3675

All singers will appear in all staged performances. The eight principal roles are double-casted, so make sure to carefully choose which performance you would like to attend if you have friends/family performing. Understudies are listed in parentheses.

Thursday/Saturday Cast:
Marquis de la Force: John Bohlefeld
Blanche: MurphyKate Montee
Chevalier: Delshawn Tayler (TJ Dean)
Mme. de Croissy: Lauren Desrosiers
Mme. Lidoine: Michelle Torres
Mother Marie: Diana Garrestegui (Caitlin Glimco)
Sr. Constance: Ali Thomas (Annie Flood)
Aumonier: Samuel Bellafiore

Friday/Sunday Cast:
Marquis de la Force: Louis MacKenzie
Blanche: Samantha Osborn
Chevalier: Joseph Paggi (TJ Dean)
Mme. de Croissy: Dorea Britton
Mme. Lidoine: Caroline Pircon
Mother Marie: Anastasia Wells (Caitlin Glimco)
Sr. Constance: Marina Stingley (Annie Flood)
Aumonier: Nicholas Goldsmith

All performances:
Mother Jeanne: Susan Shields
Sister Mathilde: Joan Ball
Nuns: Jennifer Beudert, Elizabeth Charles, Kelly Cronin, Annie Flood, Caitlin Glimco, Emma Nalin, Sarah Neal, Charlotte Riggs, Camilla Tassi, Laura Taylor, Claire Wilson

1st Commissionaire: Luke Sernau
2nd Commissionaire: TJ Dean
Thierry: Ryan Wiegand
Jailer: Jonathan Kim
M. Javelinot: Michael Ball
1st Officer: Michael Ball

Amara Ball, Levente Borvak, Kateri Chabot, Dana Chesney, Kasey Clear, Carson Collins, Alyson Delledonne, Ross Ford, Catherine Gibson, Yiyun Huang, Regina Kang, Jonathan Kim, Claudia Linczer, Bronwyn McVeigh, Meillyn McVeigh, Caelum Mroczek, Genevieve Olsen, Tess Pingel, Joe Roman, Susan Shields, Naurin Zhang


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