this week: ANDkids WFF

The Arts at Notre Dame Kids World Film Festival opens this Wednesday!

ANDkids World Film Festival
All films are free but require a ticket. To guarantee your reservation, please pick-up your will call tickets at least 15 minutes before your movie. In the event of a sell-out, unclaimed will call tickets will be used to seat patrons on the waiting list.
All in the Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Third Coast Percussion LIVE 
(Ages 8 and up, approximately 60 minutes.)
Join DeBartolo Performing Arts Center ensemble-in-residence, Third Coast Percussion, as they present an exciting evening of music and film beginning with a live percussion accompaniment (composed by Nigel Westlake) of the Pathé Frères’ silent film, Invisible Men (1906) and followed by an interactive, improvisational performance to accompany Albert Lamorisse’s classic The Red Balloon (1956).
Wednesday, July 24; 7 p.m.

Film: Animal Kingdom (2013) 
(Ages 4 and up, 56 minutes)  English, Dutch and German with English subtitles; Live translation provided. This beautiful program of animation is for kids who love critters both large and small.
Thursday, July 25; 11 a.m.

Film: For the Beauty of the Earth (2013) 
(Ages 8 and up, 54 minutes) The silver screen goes green with this collection of live action and animated shorts about our ever-changing planet.
Thursday, July 25; 1:30 p.m.

Films: B-Boy (2012) and The Zig Zag Kid (2012) 
(Ages 8 and up, 14 minutes and 94 minutes) English, Dutch, and French with English subtitles.
In B-Boy, thirteen-year-old Eli (aka E-Break) navigates two diverse cultures while coming of age as a bar mitzvah and a competitive break dancer. In The Zig Zag Kid, Nono’s dad is the world’s greatest detective, but his mom remains a mystery. Based on the award-winning novel by David Grossman.
Thursday, July 25; 3:30 p.m.

Film: Zarafa (2012) 
(Ages 8 and up, 78 minutes) In French with English subtitles.
10-year-old Maki forms a lasting friendship with Zarafa, an orphaned giraffe in this epic journey that takes the friends across Africa and Europe.
Thursday, July 25; 7 p.m.

Film:  Short and Sweet (2013) 
(All ages, 50 minutes) English and Mandarin with English subtitles; live translation provided.  This gentle line-up of animated films is a perfect introduction to big-screen magic for your little one.
Friday, July 26; 11 a.m.

Film: Caleidoscopo! Film from Latin America (2013)
(Ages 8 and up, 69 minutes) English, Portuguese and Spanish with English subtitles; live translation provided.  Co-presented with the Caleidoscopio de Sueñosa, a festival of children’s film in Bogata, Colombia, this exciting program will take you on a live action and animated journey to beaches, back roads, jungles and bustling cities throughout Latin America.
Friday, July 26; 1:30 p.m.

Film: Continent Hop (2013)
(Ages 7 and up, 74 minutes) English and Spanish with English subtitles; live translation provided.
Get your passport for a trip around the world, where you’ll experience life as a kid in different cultures through imaginative animation and captivating documentaries.
Friday, July 26; 3:30 p.m.

Film: Approved for Adoption (2012) 
(Ages 11 and up, 75 minutes) French with English subtitles.
A visit to Korea for the first time since he was adopted by a Belgian family as an infant prompts Jung to look back on his childhood.
Friday, July 26; 7 p.m.

Film: Meet the Small Potatoes (2013) 
(All ages, 70 minutes) This musical mockumentary follows four of the cutest spuds to ever rule the radio waves from their humble beginnings to international pop stardom as the Small Potatoes!
Saturday, July 27; 11 a.m.

Film: Pathwaves 
(Ages 8 and up, 73 minutes) Learn about the lives of indigenous people in the United States, Canada and Australia in this collection about Native perspectives and stories of families and friendships.
Saturday, July 27; 1:30 p.m.

Film: Kauwboy 
(Ages 10 and up, 81 minutes) Dutch with English subtitles.
Jojo, a lively 10-year-old with a difficult home life marked by a volatile father and an absent mother, finds solace in an abandoned baby jackdaw.
Saturday, July 27; 3:30 p.m.

Film: From Up On Poppy Hill (2012) 
(Rated PG, recommended for ages 9 and up; 91 minutes)
Set in the seaside town of Yokohama, this heartfelt story centers on an innocent romance between two teenagers caught up in changing times as Japan prepares to host the 1964 Olympics.
Saturday, July 27; 7 p.m.


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