DPAC: 24th “Most Amazing”


The Marie P. DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts (fondly referred to as “DPAC” by the Notre Dame Family) has been an intricate point of entry for many artist-scholars and non-arts scholars alike at the University of Notre Dame. In fact, DPAC has been named by bestvalueschools.com the 24th “Most Amazing” university performing arts center, among its benchmark peers, for “enduring commitment to arts education as well as their desire to provide exceptional arts programming to the public at the highest levels.”

The article states:

The best university performing arts centers are designed not only for the benefit of those studying the arts but also as a way to help enrich the community of which they’re a part. They act as a window to the larger world of performing arts by staging high-quality productions and attracting top professional talent to teach and perform.

Many centers contain multiple theaters, classrooms, and recitalhalls that enhance a student’s performing arts education and offer students and the public access to a variety of exceptional events. All these center provide arts programming with the intention of engaging the local community, and often include lectures, dance performances, concerts, and recitals. The following performing arts centers were chosen for their enduring commitment to arts education as well as their desire to provide exceptional arts programming to the public at the highest levels.

Check out the full list here: http://www.bestvalueschools.com/25-most-amazing-university-performing-arts-centers/

From midnight movies to Glee Club, Band, and Undertones concerts, from the Hubbard Street Dance Theatre to Tim Robbins, the New York Philharmonic, Sean Astin, Phil Donahue, and Regis Philbin, Martin Sheen, Martin Short, ND Football “ECHOES” Awards, ACE graduations, Football Friday tours, from Vienna Boys Choir concerts to organ, piano, and vocal recitals, from Snite Museum of Art appreciation dinners to Shakespeare at Notre Dame, so many have called DPAC home to their “Notre Dame Moment.”

Here’s to more ‘moments’ in the “cathedral for the arts” under the dome!



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