ANDnow: Not Just A Club

Photo courtesy I Am Notre Dame

“My father was the glee club director from 1937 until 1973, when he retired. My mother was so involved with the club. She knew everyone–which ones were having trouble, what each person’s major was, everything. She knew every member of the glee club from 1937 until the year before she died, 2004. She had a tradition of bringing candy on Valentine’s day for the boys, so I’m carrying on that tradition. It’s hard for me to be quite as involved as my mother was because I’m overseas often, but I do my best to visit and come to concerts. I think it’s great that people know about tradition and carry it on!

“Once at a concert in Washington Hall, I overheard a boy telling his friend, ‘I used to be in glee club, but I had too many prior obligations. Glee club isn’t just a club–it’s a way of life.’ And from what I’ve learned, that’s exactly right.”

Arts at Notre Dame is pleased to partner with I Am Notre Dame, celebrating the arts, artists, and those who enjoy them on campus.

Recognized as one of the finest all-male collegiate choral groups in the country, the University of Notre Dame Glee Club has a rich history of singing and brotherhood spanning nearly a hundred years from 1915.

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